How to get colour for a long time ?

How to get colour for a long time ?


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How to get colour for a long time ?
Tuesday, 01 August 2006
Colourant foams - the persistence to the first wash. For their consistencies we need not moisten hair before the intervention. We put it only evenly into hair and we leave to drying, possibly we fashion with the dryer. Is is the perfect centre, if we want to shine with the new, mad head-dress on one evening, whether the night. Foams in different tints one can of course with himself unite creating like this multicoloured balejaże;
To most popular belong surely foams Welli, Viva They Night Mousse accessible in deadly colours: fire - red, the blue, violet, silvery and green metaleech;
Instead in hair-dressing saloons the firm Ilirija , Triocolor Professional offers foams from quiet beiges and blondów for beautiful plums and cherry-trees.

Single sachets will hold awhile two, three washes; Wella, Toners & Shaders proposes 6 tints to dark and 2 tints to fair hair;

Shampoos colourant whose the persistence depending on the firm hesitates from 6 to 8 to wash. Some from them eg. Welli, Viva Color Reflex are equally comfortable in use, what shampoos. The content of the bag one ought simply put into moist hair, until producing itself the froth and then after 5 minutes to wash away. To 10 to wash will stay on hair the shampoo colourant Schwarzkopf′a Henkel′a, Palette Instant Color, but the intervention colour demands approx. 30 minutes.

Most permanent {most lasted}, among this type of cosmetics are preparations "the tone into the tone". Their proprieties colourant remain from 4 to 6 weeks ( or approx. 24 washes). These preparations owe their own name to this that they do not light up hair, but intensify natural hair colour, adding to him the stump and imperceptibly changing his tint. These resources contain the oxygenated water about the not large concentration. Thanks to this have a greater power of the coloration of grey hair, do not light up however the colour. On the market are accessible among other things:

* Schwarzkopf′a and Henkel′a, Poly the Country music Colors Intensiv Sanft - Tonung;
* L′Oreal, Casting Color Source;
* Laboratories Garniera, the Cream the Colourant Tone into the Tone Movida;

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