Frozen strawberries have MORE toxic residue than vine fresh

Frozen strawberries have MORE toxic residue than vine fresh

So, we can’t rely on the fruit industry’s professionals to do a professional (health conscious) job?
Is it so much to ask the professionals to clean our strawberries properly? Do we have a shot at preventing our brains from being poisoned?

After reading about insecticides being linked with some disease or chemical abnormalities in the brain, I have taken a new look at frozen fruits.

Apparently, frozen strawberries have MORE poison in them than the fresh ones. How can this even be possible considering there should be adequate washing when prepping ready-to-eat food to sell to the public? I would think the fruits that are picked and thrown into a plastic box, and immediately offered for sale in the produce department, would be more toxic than ones which have been processed and prepared and sold as clean and ready to eat (frozen packed). This is just plain gross, allowing pesticides to remain in our fruits – fruits that are expected to be CLEAN.

Why aren’t they thoroughly pre-washing vegetables and fruits before freezing them up for us to glutton down? It makes you think, right?

So, from now on, I’m a bit wary of frozen, and I hope we can stick to fresh (maybe grow our own!). Be sure to clean the dickens out of that store-bought fresh produce before using it.

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