Peanut Love As Honeymoon Gift For William and Kate

Peanut Love As Honeymoon Gift For William and Kate
peanut love ''coco de mer''
peanut love

After 10-days honeymoon in the Seychelles Island, it’s time to end the honeymoon for William and Kate. They were given ‘peanut love‘ as a honeymoon gift for William and Kate. Fruit ‘peanut love‘ is shaped much like an ass, very unique at all. Fruit ‘peanut love‘ is the world’s rarest fruit of Coco de Mer (a type of palm fruit-shaped buttocks).

Coco de Mer is considered as the world’s most erotic pieces from the Seychelles, a country in the middle of the Indian Ocean where Kate and William honeymoon. William and Kate receive Coco de Mer nut in a special ceremony. ‘Peanut Love‘ is a special gift because the fruit is grown only in nature reserves Vallee de Mai on Praslin Island. Coco de Mer is also the fruit to increase libido (aphrodisiac), so highly respected and regarded as a symbol of fertility.

William would like to thank personally the coast guard who have been protecting them “I‘ve dive into the best natural places while here. It is amazing. We really had a wonderful time. One of the main reasons we come is because it is a country that looks like the environment itself, which is something close to my own heart, “said William. He also quipped “It’s also a difficult place for people to find us! None of us wanted to go from here,“ said William. haha..

William reportedly booked luxury villas no.4, one of the few luxury retreat on the island. And you know the rental price overnight? About £ 4,000. Woowwww! Congratulations to William and Kate have been reunited with the royal family.