Biomed Engineering Staff Salary

Biomed Engineering Staff Salary

A Biomedical Engineering Degree is obtained by choosing a college course with it as the chosen major. Many enjoy the field because it gives them to opportunity to help untold numbers of people around the world every day, sometimes without even knowing it. With the development of prosthetic body parts, and biomedical engineers always looking for the cure for cancer, picking biomedical engineering as a major has always been one of the most interesting fields to enter. Biomedical Engineering majors in a nutshell will learn how to solve human health and body problems using engineering.

In order to become a fully accepted biomedical engineer with your accredited Biomedical Engineering Degree, one would have to take a six year course at a college that has been fully accredited and accepted by Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology. This board’s accreditation will decide whether you will go to that school or not if you’re trying for because obviously it will decide if the biomedical engineering course at that university is worth your time. Besides the accreditation being mandatory, it is heavily suggested, but not required that biomedical engineering majors are very good in math and science, and can work well in a lab environment. As biomedical engineering is not a solo job as a salesman has, colleges would love to see you taking initiative and interning beforehand to learn the process of the trade itself, while also understanding how to be part of a team.

Biomedical Engineering is much like an art form. There is no room for a strict structure of how things are, there are no set rules as discoveries are made, and there are no boundaries for your creativity and it is almost a must to have the creative juices going through at all times. A good trait to accompany being creative is being a good “handyman” and being able to assemble various things as this is where the “engineer” aspect of the career comes into play.

The college that you’re looking to enroll at to gain your Biomedical Engineering Degree should promise certain things to you so you can have the full bio med experience. When checking out colleges, you must make sure that they allow lab time with professors while they are doing their own research. This is a great opportunity especially for a new up and coming bio med engineer to see and experience to see how a true professional does his or her job just as it is with any other trade, but it is also important to note that some colleges limit this privilege to only grad students, and this may affect where you want to attend college to become a biomedical engineer. The experiences you’ll have in this major during college will be great as you will experience firsthand what it’s like to do experiments concerning genetics, engineering, vaccines, and judging on how well prepared it is and how much effort you put into it, there is a chance that some of your college work and notes may get published


Biomedical Engineer schools prepare you for a job field pertaining to the combination of the medical fields and the field of biology. A perfect example of a product created from the biomedical engineering field would be an artificial heart, or an artificial body part for someone to use. While only being recognized very recently as a field of its own, it’s a very crucial part of our society today. The biomedical engineering field uses many types of equipment in order to fulfill the needs of many people today. These forms of technology include: MRI’s and EEG’s.

An MRI is a magnetic resonance imaging device that you will be taught about in your Biomedical Engineer schools depending on which you choose. Engineers need to visualize detailed images of the internal structures that are inside the human body and they need to use this piece of special equipment in order to complete their job to the best of their abilities. This devices provides engineers the opportunity to understand the human body more to truly put meaning to the term biomedical engineering and mastering all three concepts held in the phrase. Although the MRI provides excellent images of the soft tissues, brains and bones, even much better than x-rays can, it is not the only device preferred by biomedical engineers. The other device, would be an EEG, Electroencephalography, which is an electric activity wave recording of the scalp.

An EEG, or an Electroencephalography, can be very effective when used in the field of biomedical engineering. These engineers are not just engineers, but biomedical engineers which means they have to understand the fields of both biology and medicine. An electroencephalography sensor is their connection between the two fields where biology takes a little more control over the reins and provides information that is vital in creating artificial body parts and engineering crucial instruments in creating a healthy world.

Besides those two devices, an image from a computed tomography machine gives a highly defined image of a human’s internal organs with contrast and great clarity throughout the picture. The internal organs are an intricate part of the body and can be replaced, need be, or even modified. The presence of this device has helped spark the birth of the artificial kidney in the biomedical engineering field. This artificial kidney can extend the lives of those with kidney problems waiting for a kidney transplant and unfortunately is only a temporary solution. While biomedical engineers are out discovering the solutions to the most urgent problems in their fields, we’re lucky to have these instruments assisting them, to help us every day. So choose which Biomedical Engineer schools you apply to wisely because it’s not just a job, you’re saving lives.

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