What Happens When You Call On An Insurance Loss Assessor: Dealing With Insurance Claims Is Their Business

What Happens When You Call On An Insurance Loss Assessor: Dealing With Insurance Claims Is Their Business

When you have an incident to your home or business such as a fire, flood, water or storm damage, or theft, you clearly need some help. But before you call your insurance company to start the claims process, you should think about who is really on your side.

Think about contacting an insurance loss assessor BEFORE you do anything else. An insurance loss assessor manages your claim for you, and deals with all communication with your insurance company or representatives they may wish to employ on their behalf.

What is the point of an insurance loss assessor? I already have good insurance!
Like any other business, an insurance company gets money from selling, and in their case, selling insurance policies. The last thing they want to do is pay out more money than they have to for insurance claims, and that’s why they use their insurance loss adjusters to ensure that they pay out as little money as possible. This is because they are business people, and they have no wish to pay out money unnecessarily. They employ professional insurance loss adjusters who spend all day reducing the size of claims. And that’s why often the best thing that you can do is to use your own insurance loss assessor to negotiate with them.

If you want to consult a skilled professional about your claim, talk to Truman Associates insurance loss assessors. Their experience in settling claims really is second to none. And it’s not all about the small print – if that was the case, it is unlikely that a firm of solicitors would have used Truman Associates to act on their behalf – as well as to secure £20,000 more than they would have thought to claim for themselves!

Follow this 10-step Process for the Best Results
Successful insurance claims are all about process and presentation. A typical claims process would be:
1 – If there you have suffered from malicious or criminal damage or theft, the first thing to do is call the police.
2 – Obtain a Crime Reference Number;
3 – If possible, you should then call an insurance loss assessor and instruct them to act on your behalf;
4 – Your loss assessor will then visit the scene of the loss with you;
5 – Your loss assessor goes through your insurance policy thoroughly;
6 – The loss assessor helps to prepare a schedule of the loss (bear in mind how important it is to produce supporting documentation);
7 – The loss assessors liaise with you to obtain estimates to repair or replace and reinstate the loss;
8 – Then it’s time for your loss assessors to have meetings with your insurance company, probably with their loss adjuster;
9 – Once this process is over, your insurance company pays you the settlement you deserve;
10 – At the end, you pay your loss assessor a pre-agreed proportion of your financial settlement.

At all stages, your loss assessors keep you informed on the progress of the claim, and you do not pay until you have received compensation from your insurers. The reason this system works so well is that Truman Associates are experienced in dealing with insurance claims and know what to look out for. Often mistakes made at the start of a claim can damage your chances of achieving a good settlement at the end, so it is crucial to follow this process from the outset.

So if the worst happens and you have a fire, flood, theft or storm damage to your home or business, you’re not alone. Even your odds with Truman Associates loss assessors.

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