Garnier Roll-on Beauty experts say hands

Garnier Roll-on Beauty experts say hands
Garnier Roll-on
Garnier Roll-on
Beauty experts say hands and dark circles under the eyes betray a woman’s true age. You can fix the first problem simply by applying nourishing hand cream twice a day. As for dark circles, they are not that easy to get rid of. Yet, there is always a way out! Garnier has launched a brand-new product – an eye roll-on with the cooling effect. The formula is based on caffeine that stimulates blood microcirculation. The metal roller ball of the Garnier roll-on has a cooling effect which works for the puffy eyes.

The gel has a delicate and pleasing texture. The roll-on massages, refreshes and hydrates the eye area. You can carry the sticker in your cosmetics bag to use it in the office when needed during the day.

The product is really useful when on-the-go. Garnier roll-on would effectively refresh your tired-looking eyes after a long flight.

Garnier Roll-on Rubs Out Dark Circles Under Eyes
Garnier Roll-on Rubs Out Dark Circles Under Eyes

According to some product reviews, it doesn’t dry out the eye area, although some say, is doesn’t do much for the dark circle look either. At the same time, some got the results after a couple of days of its use. Others note, it’s not worth the money ($15.95). Anyway, I decided to buy it and to try it out to know it from my own experience. As this seems to be individual if it’s helpful or not. Hope, the new Garnier Roll-on will do more than just an ice piece.

Callosity Treatment
Callosity Treatment
Unfortunately, having healthy and good-looking feet might take many of us a lot of time and efforts – both emotional and financial. Among them is the need to discard your favorite footwear. We create problems for ourselves wearing high heel shoes or trendy models that actually hurt our feet (like tight stiletto shoes). Eventually, being tortured over fall/winter season, our feet just don’t look good enough to wear open shoes. Callosities, corns, blisters, calluses and cracks are all far from being a nice-looking exterior. Additionally, they all can be really painful.

On the one hand, getting horny feet during summer won’t let us wear chic high heel boots in winter. On the other hand, hurting your feet by wearing tight winter footwear, you can forget about sexy open shoes in summer.

Danger Areas

Heels, big toe and balls of the toes are most common parts for callosities and corns to appear. Sometimes, you will experience a drawing pain in those parts. Corns also develop on the top of the toes where they rub against a shoe. It’s impossible to get rid of horny skin for ever. That’s because our body weight puts a constant pressure on the feet.

Callosities Removal

Do not trim your callosities off. Make sure you get your dry callosities expertly removed in a beauty salon, especially those with a tapered “root” deep under skin called keratoma.

Treating Callosities without a Root

If your callosities don’t develop a root, it is better to remove them by one of the advanced injury-free treatments available in beauty salons. One of them is a mechanical pedicure involving the use of special chemicals that help slough off dead skin.

Callosities Removal at Home

If you remove callosities by yourself, make sure to stick a special protective plaster where you worked on your skin. Otherwise a new pinky skin will get horny again.

Eyelash Transplantation
Eyelash Transplantation
According to statistics, the upper eyelid contains about 90-160 hairs reaching 8-12mm in length. The lower eyelid contains less number – 75-80 hairs of 6-8mm in length. Each month hairs are shed, and then they are replaced by new ones reaching the same length. It is a natural renewal process we have no influence upon. Unfortunately, no miraculous cream can cause eyelashes to grow longer and thicker. Eyelash length, thickness, color, and growth rate are genetically determined. Nevertheless, due to hair transplantation experiments, first performed by Dr. Diffenbach two centuries ago in 1822, today’s fashion-conscious women can obtain the eyelashes they have been dreaming about.

The Operation of Eyelash Transplantation

Eyelash transplantation procedure can be only compared to jeweler’s art. One careless move could spoil the overall result. Everything seems relatively simple at first sight. Hair grafts (50 per eyelid, as a rule) are taken from the back of the head and then transplanted into an upper lid.

The operation usually lasts for 1.5-2 hours under local anesthesia, and resembles typical hair transplantation procedure to treat baldness.

But to make each donor hair “take root”, it is first specially trimmed and then implanted into the eyelid using absorbable suture. If the procedure is successful and when the local inflammation settles down over a couple of weeks, a girl will stand out of the crowd due to her luxurious eyelashes.

Where the “Future Lashes” are Taken from

As a matter of fact, hair transplant technique, which involves moving hair follicles from the back of head to eyelids, was developed at first for the correction of birth eyelid defects and for injuries or burns treatment. Later, beauty industry made it available to everyone in beauty clinics.

Is Eyelash Transplantation Harmless?

Having performed hundreds of surgeries, doctors haven’t still managed to make a clear classification of contradictions and side effects. The duration of effect remains uncovered as well. The cosmetologists give us vague formulation that everything depends on each client’s individual characteristics. Nevertheless, women are ready to overlook all these omissions in chase of beauty.

Side Effect of Eyelash Transplantation

Among obvious side effects of the procedure only one is mentioned. The transplanted lashes retain their genetic hair characteristics and continue to grow vigorously, or even curl, after transplantation. So, no matter how funny it is, the beauties will have to trim them, or straighten in case of need. That is why plastic surgeons don’t recommend women with curly hair to resort to transplantation.

Winter Hair Care Tips
Winter Hair Care Tips
Indoor heating that keeps us warm during chilly fall and winter nights is what actually damages our hair in the first place. Trichologists claim that drying effect from heaters is even more harmful for your hair than ultraviolet radiation. You will need extra care if you additionally got your hair permed or heavily highlighted. Even the healthiest hair won’t be able to withstand such a harsh chemical treatment. Today, most women are using heat-styling appliances and styling products on a daily basis. With windy fall or winter weather, we seem to only double our styling efforts. This puts an extra stress on the hair.

How to Protect Hair in Winter

Below you’ll find some very useful tips on how to take care of your hair in cold weather.

  • Using hair conditioning is a must to reduce dryness. Make sure you apply moisturizers, hair masks, or deep conditioners regularly.
  • Set your hairdryer on a cool air blow mode and avoid over drying.
  • Choose the right hair styling product.

Hair Styling Products for Winter

Fall and winter require hairstyle products to provide a stronger hold to lock a hairstyle into place, even under a hood or hat. It will prevent you from applying a lot of stuff with a lighter hold. And that would save your money, too.

Wearing a hat makes your hair get dirty quicker and looking less attractive. The scalp suffers from the air deficiency because close fitting hats prevent the scalp from being able to breathe.

Winter Hair Loss

Low temperatures activate sebaceous glands to produce more oil that naturally protects the scalp from the cold. Unfortunately, this secretion of excess oil often results in hair loss.

Temperatures and Hair Health

Here’s another useful tips. At first, wash your hair with lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold. Hot water may cause the scalp to produce even more oil. Below-zero temperature, on the contrary, constricts blood vessels, and thus restricts nutrients and vitamin flow to nourish the scalp. Apply vitamin hair mask once or twice a week.

Hair Care Products for Winter

Be mindful of your shampoo. Cut down on 2-in-1- like products (Shampoo Plus Conditioner) leaving them until spring. The fact is that their formula components weigh down hair at roots and decrease volume and bounce in hair. Hair volume is suffering under hat as it is.

On average, each person uses nine hygiene products daily that contain 126 various ingredients in total. While existing safety tests can show if the products cause flushed skin, rash or itching, their long-term effect on our health and environment remains unknown. So-called “cocktail effect” is the major reason for concern. Every day we apply many toxins of different nature to our skin, and nobody can say for sure if they won’t harm our health in future.

Chemicals are basic components of shampoos and hand creams. These chemicals seep through the skin and can store in fat tissues as well as in the liver, kidneys, reproductions organs and in brain. Cosmetics manufacturers complain about stirring up hysteria, but you can’t argue the facts. Scientists detect phthalate plasticizers in urine, parabens (preserving agents) in mammary tumors, artificial flavorings and anti-bacterial remedies in the milk of breastfeeding mothers.

Medical studies show that flavorings can provoke asthma, cleaning agents in shampoos can damage eye mucosa, and chemicals used in hair dyes may cause urinary bladder cancer and lymphoma.

With pharmaceutical industry, suspicious products would be withdrawn from the market and huge funds would be invested in the safety studies for drugs. As far as cosmetics industry is concerned, safety policy is neglected. And while many people tend to believe in promises of smooth skin and snow-white smile, the hygiene products with potentially harmful components are still being sold and used. And who thinks in the mornings of how poisonous the hygiene items on the bathroom ledge could be?

One of the leading stylists Ben Skervin developed step-by-step scalp massage for shiny hair. You can do this massage either on wet or dry hair, but it is more effective when you just washed and patted your hair dry with a towel because you have better scalp blood circulation after taking a shower.

Step 1

Wash your hands. You are going to use the tips of your fingers to massage the scalp. Put your palms over your head with your thumbs resting behind the ears and little fingers touching at the crown.

Step 2

Without changing the position, press your scalp with the fingers gently and start massaging the crown area with circular motions. As you proceed, make few deep breaths – it is a great way to relax.

Step 3

Now place your forefingers, middle fingers and ring fingers on the back of the head. Using the same circular motions move up to the crown and further down to the forehead. Repeat two-three times, each time trying to massage more area.

Step 4

Then, use motions as if rain was dropping on your head. Rap on the head gently with the tips of your fingers. This improves blood circulation, saturates the scalp skin with oxygen and speeds up the cell renewal process.

Step 5

In the end, run your palms along the hair line. Then, run your fingers from the forehead to the back of the head. This will take you about thirty seconds.

Note: Ben Skervin is one of the top stylists. He’s been collaborating with Head&Shoulders since May, 2007. His works often appear on the covers of famous glossy magazines such as VOGUE, W, Allure, 10, i-D, Haper’s Bazaar, Tatler, Glamour, ELLE.

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