Challenges Posed By International Law On Realism

Challenges Posed By International Law On Realism

International law is effective in all international courts to establish peace and justice for the crimes on humanity. However, realistically, there are limitations on the actions, and verdicts of courts or international councils. For example, during the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union., both the countries abided by the international law, but each vetoed resolutions proposed by the other. This resulted in a situation which completely disregarded the functions of the United Nations Security Council.

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Another big challenge faced by international law is the actions related to the ICC or International Criminal Court. An international court of law like the International Criminal Court can bring cases to trial referred to it by the related nation. However, the nation could have reached a verdict for the case in favor of the accused, and can be unwilling to bring its citizen to the international court. There are times when major powers of the world do not acknowledge their crimes, and refuse to attend court sessions. This can lead to awkward situations, especially if the nation had helped set up and maintain international law.

There is another challenge faced by international law which affects the functions of the armed forces. While, armed forces from developed nations typically adhere to international law while fighting against the militant or fundamentalist countries, the latter do not obey the international law. International law dictates when to open fire, and when to restrain using firearms during wars and combat situations. Tragedies occur when one army does not obey the law in the battlefield.

Today, International Humanitarian Law is striving to eliminate terrorism from every corner of the world. Enforcing the law has become a challenge in itself as it can only thrive if all the nations in the world abide by it.

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